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What is EthiSEC?

EthiSEC is an independent Information Security consultancy delivering quality, innovative consultancy services to all industry sectors.

We help help our clients identify and manage business and technology based risks by using our top-down approach to Information Security.

By helping you identify your business risk, we assist you  in your ongoing maintenance of assets such as:

  • Your Reputation
  • Your Intellectual property
  • Your Client information
  • Your Customer and/or investor confidence
  • Your ability to stay in business

We help individuals and organisations like yours:

  • Understand their IT infrastructure
  • Understand and mitigate their IT related business risks
  • Meet and maintain legal and moral obligations
  • Improve their IT infrastructure
    • Help develop better performing,  more reliable IT resources
    • Reduce costs by:
      • Eliminating or minimising  downtime
      • Eliminating inefficient processes
      • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary technology and services
  • Make more money

Why did we form EthiSEC?

EthiSEC was formed to fill an ever expanding gap in the Information Security consulting space. We see that there is a distinct lack of plain English consultants who will educate, assess and remedy identified security issues.

EthiSEC was formed to alloy us to develop and deliver IT and Information Security focused on outcomes rather than sales. EthiSEC aims to deliver honest, ‘FUD’ free advice and solutions to all of our clients.

Where does the name come from?

Our name EthiSEC, is based on combination of:

  • Ethi for our belief in Ethical business behaviour and,
  • SEC for what we do – Information Security

How EthiSEC can help you

With our broad range of experience and service offerings we can assist you in many ways, some examples:

  • You are looking for Information (or IT) Security consultants to assist you in your quest to reduce risk and improve the availability and security of your businesses.
  • You have a need to meet government privacy legislation.
  • You have a need to meet PCI-DSS standards and testing regime.
  • You are concerned about maintaining the privacy or your business and/or your customers confidential information because you know it is good business practice.
  • You want to improve the reliability and availability of your networked services.

Why use EthiSEC?

If you want to improve the reliability, security and cost effectiveness of your information technology platforms you should work with EthiSEC.