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A firewall is the device that connects you to, and isolates your network from the perils of the Internet.  Its job is to ensure only connections you authorise can enter or exit your private network. When configured correctly a firewall should do this job well, it should also provide you with secure remote access to you internal resources. And if you are using a modern device it should also help protect your network from attacks, vulnerabilities and viruses.

Problems with Firewalls

The most common issue we find with the majority of firewalls we work on is they are usually poorly configured. Often they are also not taking advantage of the security functions that can improve the security of your network. There are many reasons why this can occur, or experience is very few people that work on firewalls actually understand the implications of the poor decisions they may make.

A poorly configured firewall can only provide limited protection to your private network resources. If you only take one thing away from this page we hope the next statement is it. A vulnerable network service (e.g Web Server) behind a firewall is still very vulnerable.

A quality and correctly configured firewall will help minimise the risk associated to this vulnerability.

Review Service

Our review service performs a health check on you all aspects of your current firewall configuration. We review the services you publish to the Internet and the security rules that are configured on your firewall. We also inspect the other features that may be configured or are avaialble for configuration. We check functionality such as Intrusion Prevention, detection, Anti-Spam or Anti-Virus, Decryption Capabilities and user identification capabilities.

We look at how each of these components are configured and then document the positives and negatives into a plain english report which we then present to each client. Each report contains a list of remediation activities which we can perform as a follow-on engagement.

Firewall Migration or Installation

Often before or after our firewall review service we will identify a need for a new firewall. Often this is because the hardware in operation is out of support or is about to be out of support due to its age.

In these cases we see this as a perfect time to move clients towards a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). We work solely with NGFW devices from Palo Alto Networks where possible as they are the only vendor currently able to deliver consistent security and performance.

If you are interested in why we recommend NGFW or Palo Alto Networks products please read our Why a NGFW page.

If you choose to purchase a new Firewall from EthiSEC we have the capability and most importantly the specialist knowledge and expertise to secure your network. We deliver a secure, fully documented system you can engage us to fully manage. Or because we document YOUR new infrastructure you can manage the firewall yourself.