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Network Services

Today most businesses rely heavily on their computer networks to enable their day-to-day operations. Networks enable collaboration between co-workers, customers and other businesses. Most users will see this as the ability to be able to print documents, access files, email or browse the Internet. To most users this will be a seamless activity until something breaks.

EthiSEC’s Networking Services

To be effective networks need to be properly architected, designed, implemented and maintained so the reliability and integrity and most importantly effectiveness of the network infrastructure is delivered.

While EthiSEC is predominately an Information Security company we also do networks.

Why? We help our customers build their networks because we believe that you cannot effectively secure any network if you don’t understand how they operate and most importantly how they are used.

EthiSEC is uniquely placed to assist you with your business network where ever you may be in its lifecycle, and whatever your industry. Our consultants have extensive experience in Networking and Security, with many successful engagements in industries including Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Financial, and Power Utilities.

More importantly, our capabilities and experience can provide network services to help you build or secure networks. Specific areas where and how we can help your organisation are:

Network Architecture

We can develop and review your organisations network architecture to ensure it meets your requirements.

Network Design and Integration

We can design and integrate your network services to ensure simplicity, reliability and availability.

Network Review – Cost reduction

We can review existing network infrastructure to:

  • Remove complexity and introduce simplicity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Increase network reliability

Network Troubleshooting

Let us help your business, by bringing our network expertise and troubleshooting skills to bear. We can identify and help resolve any difficult or ongoing IT problems you may have.

Network Security Services

We not only design and integrate secure networks we can help you maintain your network’s security to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.